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Terra builds enterprise wide applications to grow and harvest value from your content.



The TerraView platform from Terra is the perfect solution for enterprises that require an individualized application for technical information delivery or IETP – Interactive Electronic Technical Publication.

A highly configurable platform for knowledge aggregation and delivery, TerraView supports structured content access and form-based data capture across complex and regulated environments.

Content Access
A unified, 360 degree view of data.  Adapt information delivery and access rights according to an easily definable structure so content can be accessed exactly how users require it.

Custom Integrations
Centralize information stored across PLM, ERP, CMS, and MRO systems onto a single application with TerraView’s flexible database integration toolset.

Web-based Delivery
Simplify access to information and reduce IT requirements by delivering TerraView applications through a web-based interface.

Adaptable User Interface
Leverage customizable style sheets to adjust TerraView application interfaces for optimized application navigation and intuitive information access.

Content Support
Easily manage the delivery of XML-based content with support for DITA, Docbook, S1000D, and iSpec 2200 documents.  In addition TerraView uses a flexible, multi‑model approach that can easily handle almost any data format (such as PDF) and source, whether it is data from existing relational databases, file systems, or any other source.

User Roles
Delegate administrative privileges and user access rights according to user roles that can be defined down to the document level.

Intelligent Forms
Capture and communicate input using forms developed to address specific tasks and/or collaborative workflows.

Document Review and Change
Identify change between document versions with support for temporary revisions (TRs) and supplements, and publication differences.

Collaborative Workflows
Build detailed workflows for the management of technical content to support team collaboration, feedback loops, or review cycles.

Change and Point Page Application (CAPA)

The Change and Point Page application from Terra bridges the gap between the worlds of loose-leaf paper and electronic publishing.

The Change and Point Page application operates against any well-formed XML data, regardless of doctype or schema, producing PDF files that meet most loose-leaf publishing requirements. Since Change and Point Page’s differencing capability integrates with the PDF composition engine, it doesn’t need to rely on change tags within the authored content.

Take control of your change page processing. Eliminate old or costly proprietary solutions.

Producing Change Packages
Change and Point Page handles simplex and duplex page processing. It produces 3 PDF files:

  • The standard, complete PDF file for a document
  • A merged PDF that mimics a properly maintained loose-leaf manual
  • A Change Package which contains frontmatter and a List of Effective Pages (LEP) along with only the pages that have changed.

Producing Point Pages
For changes to a technical publication that can produce a ripple-effect across subsequent pages in the document,  Change and Point Page produces point pages that start with the normal numbering of the most recent page before the point page section, appending point page numbering for the duration of the point page section. This process also handles the inclusion of “Intentionally Left Blank” pages in order to mitigate the reverse effect.

Comparison of Graphics
Change and Point Page is able to compare graphics files by matching graphics IDs to the previous revision’s graphics, handling the cases where graphics file names change but the graphics ID remains the same.

Leverage Non-Proprietary Technologies
Many products providing support for change and point pages are showing their age. Change and Point Page uses Java and XSLT stylesheets, giving customers greater flexibility over the production process, along with cheaper alternatives to technologies that are either proprietary, infrequently used, or no longer supported.


Consulting & Integration

The speed of enterprise business is moving forward at a breathtaking pace.

This makes keeping up with customer demands, internal operations, and technology advancements a formidable task.

Fortunately the Terra professional services team is here to help.

Terra is a recognized leader in offering high value professional services surrounding enterprise product implementation and consulting. Our team of service professionals maintains an unmatched track record of successful customer engagements in multiple areas. Our Business Analysts, Project Managers, Solution Architects, Systems Engineers and Developers have a strong track record of partnering with our customers, using relevant real world experiences, and developing custom solutions using the best of breed applications that comply with customer IT requirements.

Proficient across multiple disciplines, the Terra professional services team understand business needs as well as what strategies can be leveraged to achieve them. This includes adopting and customizing solutions designed to manage the creation and delivery of digital content:

  • Content Lifecycle Analysis and Consulting
  • Document Standardization
  • Content Management
  • Content Distribution and Access
  • Web Application Development
  • XML enablement
  • Service lifecycle management (SLM)
  • Content/Data Conversion and Consolidation

So whether your business is looking for new technology, or just ways to better leverage the systems already in place, TerraXML professional services can help define the best path forward to achieve your goals.

Still Confused About How To Proceed?

Ask about our Content Lifecycle Analysis Service. It’s a two to four week engagement where we review all of your content assets, processes and deliverables and help you understand how you can leverage those assets for reduced costs, increased efficiencies and better customer service. We’ll sit side by side with your relevant teams and provide you with a road map on how to unleash the power that is locked up in your technical information.