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Streamline processes. Reduce costs. Improve quality.


An innovator in cloud and mobile technology, Terra software solutions provide users with a single point of access to large collections of enterprise data. Being highly customizable and easy to implement, Terra software solutions cost-effectively address difficult business problems across multiple industry segments.


Terra solutions are focused to support three key operational segments:

  • Field Service Execution
  • Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul
  • Customer Engagement

Each of our solutions leverages specialized expertise, methodologies, and software to ensure that we deliver high-value solutions for our clients.


Terra delivers innovative software applications for efficient service execution. The TerraView application from Terra helps users perform tasks faster and with fewer errors, enabling equipment to stay in production and generating revenue. Based near Boulder, Colorado, our resources are highly skilled in enabling our customers to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve quality.

  • Address: 1380 Forest Park Circle Suite 100  Lafayette, CO 80026-3378
  • Phone:     888-707-7846
  • Email:       inquiry@terraxml.com


Terra provides product and consulting services to help companies plan, design, and implement XML-based publishing, content management, and delivery solutions for the web and mobile devices.

We operate in a wide range of business domains, with extensive experience in:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Aviation/Aerospace and Transportation MRO
  3. Oil and Gas
  4. Publishing
  5. Standards Development Organizations

Our clients are among the most successful and trusted brands in their industries.  Due to their business challenges and complex environments, our clients have adopted XML as the underlying intelligent data format for their corporate information. They need to provide “anywhere accessible” applications to users with features and functionality that can only be enabled with XML. These companies count on Terra to address their most pressing initiatives.


We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Software Engineer

Terra is actively looking for an experienced software engineer.

Job Description (SSE)

Senior Software Engineer

Location: 1380 Forest Park Circle, Suite 100, Lafayette, Colorado

Job description: Terra is looking for a senior software engineer who will work with product and project teams in the Lafayette, Colorado headquarters. We use a wide range of technologies:

Mandatory Technical Skills:

  • Dynamic web development in a complex multi-tiered environment
  • Excellent web skills including dynamic HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX
  • Mastery of XML technologies including XSLT, XPath, DTD, Schema
  • Enterprise web development experience (Java or .Net)
  • Ability to develop code, regardless of language, as modules that can be extended and reused
  • Experience working in a Software Development Lifecycle environment using a standard methodology
  • Excellent code writing, commenting, and documenting skills
  • Desired Technical Skills (the more the better)
  • Java EE technologies including JSP, servlets, web services, JMS, etc.
  • Agile process experience
  • XForms development
  • Experience with XML standards such as ATA-2200, S1000D, DITA and Docbook
  • Managing bugs and features using the JIRA Issue management system
  • Native XML Database experience using the XQuery language
  • JQuery development
  • Mobile web applications
  • Building Java applications with Maven
  • Apache HTTP and Tomcat application servers

Development environments: Linux, Windows, iOS, Android

The successful applicant will work closely with product owners and solution architects to develop new solution offerings or improve existing ones. You will be responsible for all aspects of the software solutions. There is occasional travel to customer sites.

The Senior Software Engineer performs the following tasks in their job function:

  • Identifies the appropriate solution architecture based on the requirements and design elements contained in a system specification.
  • Records solution architecture in a software architecture document using use cases and the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Maintains and evolves solution architecture documents based on evolving system requirements and industry trends and technologies.
  • Analyzes risks and report problems in meeting system requirements.
  • Provides supporting information to the engineers to aid in the creation of a system specification.
  • Assists software designers/implementers with the creation of detailed software design specifications.
  • Leads review processes for software architecture documents.
  • Ensures software version control is performed and maintain periodic compilation schedule.
  • Participates in the system specification review processes to ensure system requirements can be translated into a valid solution architecture.
  • Complies with all applicable software development processes.
  • Performs detailed software design as well as implement and/or maintain code according to duties and responsibilities.
  • Ensures the overall integrity of the solution architecture and validates it against the system specification.
  • Integrates internal and external solution design into a cohesive user experience.

In related work expectations, you will:

  • Be responsible for dictating design choices to software engineers, including but not limited to platforms, coding, and technical levels.
  • Mentor junior developers.
  • Ensure there is a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and effectively communicate them to the project team.
  • Spearhead all of the software development activities: oversee the project development team; manage the full life cycle of the process; monitor research; review code and supervise testing.
  • Demonstrate expertise in a variety of the field’s technologies, concepts, practices, and procedures, as well as rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.


  • The successful candidate will have a BS in Computer Science or related field and at least 5 years of relevant experience.
  • Demonstrable experience with some of the aforementioned technologies is required, as is leadership of software development teams.
  • You should be a self-starter who brings a desire to learn new technologies, a strong sense of responsibility and integrity, and good verbal and written skills.
  • Candidates should highlight experiences that demonstrate their leadership capabilities in academic, vocational and social pursuits.


Benefits: Terra provides compensation packages that rank in the top 10% of software engineering companies in the Denver metro area.

To apply: Submit resume and cover letter to: jobs@terraxml.com.

XML Consultants

Terra is always on the lookout for XML “rock stars”. If you think you have what it takes to join a world class team of developers, we would love to hear from you.

Specialized Expertise

Based in Lafayette, Colorado, Terra has extensive experience implementing solutions that address challenges in several practice areas:

  • Content Lifecycle Analysis and Consulting
  • Content Management
  • Dynamic Publishing
  • Web Application Development
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • Intelligent Information Access
  • Content/Data Conversion and Consolidation

Each practice leverages specialized expertise, methodologies, and software to ensure that we deliver high-value solutions to our clients.

  • We provide 100% coverage of medical, dental and vision plans. Staff members receive 4 weeks paid leave per annum. All staff members receive equity in the company that vests from date of hire. Our compensation packages rank in the top 10% of software engineering companies in the Denver metro area.


  • For more information, please contact us or send your resume and cover letter to jobs@terraxml.com.

Connect with Us


TerraXML Joins Syncro Soft Partner Program Focused on XML Technologies and Single-source Publishing in Key Industries

Lafayette, CO. – May 11, 2018. – TerraXML, North American leader in XML transformation, announces joining the Syncro Soft partner program, whose main product is Oxygen XML Editor. This collaboration will enhance TerraXML’s capability to provide XML-related services and to deploy solutions of TerraView for strategic technical content projects that leverage standards such as DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), S1000D, and various MILSTDs.  This partnership will help TerraXML better-serve business customers by using advancements in XML technologies to further enrich their technical content.

Available for cloud deployment, TerraView provides increased functionality for managing complex, technical information including product manuals, repair manuals, operating manuals and standards publications. “Syncro Soft’s investment in, and innovations to, the Oxygen XML Editor has made it a powerful tool for both novice and XML-proficient authors,” said Kent Arnold, President. “This partnership provides us with a versatile product to meet a wide range of customer needs.”

About TerraXML
For over 11 years, organizations around the world have come to rely on TerraXML to power their information applications. TerraXML is focused on delivering content management solutions that enable organizations to universally access reliable data. Based near Boulder, Colorado, our solutions empower our customers with streamlined processes, reduced costs, and improved quality.  For more information please visit www.terraxml.com, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Press Contact

Nancy Kainer



Executive Profiles

Kent Arnold


With over 20 years of IT, program, and operations management, Kent is now responsible for product development and professional services at Terra. Prior to Terra, Kent owned responsibility for enterprise business solution implementations across a number of airline and aerospace OEM’s including Continental/United, Delta, USAir, Qantas, Boeing, Eurocopter, FedEx, UPS, Rolls Royce, and GE Aircraft Engines. Kent has also spent time in publishing software development at IBM, as the director of programs at Creative Concepts Corporation, and as co-founding member of InfoTrust. Kent holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Delaware, an MA in Social Conflict from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has conducted PhD studies on conflict resolution at the University of Cape Town.

Jason Duffey

Senior VP of Business Development

With over 25 years of experience in publishing, transportation, aerospace and defense industries, Jason is a results-oriented leader in sales and business development. Prior to Terra, Jason served as Vice President of Sales at Flatirons Solutions with responsibilities for new sales within the aerospace and defense industries.  Jason’s business development experience includes high value information applications, XML publishing solutions, content management applications with dynamic data delivery.  Jason is responsible for driving the growth of key Terra portfolio offerings. His responsibilities include go-to-market strategy and execution to achieve top-line growth of TerraView. Jason brings extensive knowledge to the Terra team and holds a BA from Regis University.

Nancy Kainer

Director of Finance and Human Resources 

Nancy brings over thirty years of professional experience to the Terra team. Early in her career, Nancy developed skills in programming and project management with ANR (now Coastal Corp); however over the past ten years her focus has shifted to managing business processes including accounting and human resources. Prior to joining Terra in 2007, Nancy was instrumental in guiding business operations for Primen (a subsidiary of the Energy Power Research Institute), Crocs, and Creative Concepts Corporation.

Board of Directors

Jesse Aweida


Jesse is widely regarded as the father of the computer data storage industry in Colorado. He was the Chairman and President of Storage Technology Corporation, the company which he founded in 1969 and built into a billion dollar company in twelve years. Many of the data storage and technology related companies in Boulder County were started by former employees and others associated with StorageTek. Since leaving the company, Jesse has been involved in the financing and startup of several of these companies, both individually and as the General Partner of Aweida Venture Partners. Jesse and his wife, Maria, have been active contributors to non-profit organizations.

Dan Aweida

Aweida Venture Partners 

Dan joined Aweida Venture Partners in 1991 to work closely with the portfolio investment companies in the telecom, data storage, and IT industries while also managing the stock portfolio of AVP.  Today, his primary focus is in data storage, clean technologies, and ecommerce related businesses.  He works with portfolio companies and assists them with strategic guidance, financial analysis and helps them to avoid navigational potholes without micromanaging their efforts.  He serves on the board of Channel Intelligence, Privacy Networks, eStarcom, TerraXML, Atrato, and Storage Genetics.

Victor Perez

A proven leader with an established track record of global revenue growth, Victor brings 20+ years of executive experience to the TerraXML board. Victor served as CEO for Eversync, Panasas Inc., and Chaparral Network Storage Corp. In each of these roles, Victor was instrumental in overcoming organizational challenges by transforming company vision and operation to focus on product innovation, market expansion, team development, and industry partnerships. Victor also served in key executive positions with Storage Tek, including EVP of Enterprise Groups and Chief Operating Officer. Victor is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a degree in business administration from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

Our Clients

Our clients are among the most successful and demanding brands in the world. They all share a focus on adopting new and innovative technologies to improve business operations. These companies count on Terra to address a variety of pressing initiatives inside complex operating environments.

A History of Successful Customer Engagements